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Ready to Dance?

Typically a new dancer will start as a social dancer, attracted by enjoying dance at a social event, witnessing a TV show, yearning for more "social" in their social life - or being talked into it by a spouse, friend or relative.

A small percentage of social dancers later find that their love of dance compels them to become competitive dancers or DanceSport Athletes.

Besides the valuable social benefits of dancing, your participation in a regular program of ballroom dancing will produce significant mental and physical health benefits. Dancing is a great stress reliever. It stimulates the brain. It builds confidence, alertness and a good attitude. It also has been proven to be a great physical benefit as it physically tones the whole body in enjoyable exercise. In summary, dancing will add a new and very beneficial dimension to your life.

Getting Started

Being new to ballroom dancing can be a daunting experience. You may see all the other dancers and wonder how they learned all of those different styles and dances. It sure doesn’t happen over night but it will happen and we would be happy to assist you during this wonderful journey.

Here are a few frequently asked questions by beginner dancers:

Do I need a partner?

Ballroom dance includes any dance performed with a partner. However, it is not necessary to have a regular partner when you first start dancing. Most group classes accept singles and you should not hesitate to commence without a partner. Male and female dancers partner up and switch partners all through the class. Learning with multiple partners can lead to be an advantage since you benefit from different skill sets of different partners.

However, if you already have a partner, it will be best that you learn together. You will quickly find that learning to dance together adds an entirely new and beneficial dimension to your relationship.

Where can I get dance lessons?

Here are some local dance studios that offers dance classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

  1. Try to get as many beginner classes as you can.
  2. Make sure to practice by attending social dance nights especial our chapters monthly dance. There will be plenty of people who will be happy to dance with you even if you are a beginner. Just tell them you are a beginner and they will dance to your level.
  3. Once you feel confident in beginner classes proceed to intermediate and advanced ones.